Thursday, February 4, 2010

Receipts Getting Longer?

Has anyone else noticed that receipts are getting longer and longer? This is usually the length when you spend $200 on groceries. Embarrassingly, I didn't stock up on groceries, instead I bought a single fish taco and diet coke. And, this is how long the receipt is. It almost makes buying this for my lunch all the more embarrassing.


Diamond Dan said...

Maybe you could send that receipt to John Edwards and he could use it instead of his former aid. I love your blog, posted my first today and wanted to know what you thought.

Mr. Diggles said...

I love this! You go to Startbucks and all they do is shovel philanthropy propaganda in your face through their products. I.e. This water saves dying children, We only use recycled spoons, Our beans are green - etc.

Then they print you off a receipt the size of my forearm for a single coffee.

And I am like 7'2".

I asked the chick behind the counter once: Does it at all seem odd that you print something of this size for every customer? She said no. I guess that answers that.